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Maximalism: Is it for you?

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It’s a design trend that is making waves, world over. Hollywood A-listers have embraced the trend as a way to express their personality to the fullest. If you don’t buy the “less is more” axiom, you can adopt this style, like many home owners in Bangalore recently have.

Contrary to popular belief, maximalism doesn’t need large spaces to express itself. Even if your home is a 2 bedroom house, or even a studio apartment, you can give this style a try. Big, bold patterns, riotous colours and more and more of the things you love – these are the basic elements of maximalist design.

When you commit yourself to maximalism, your home will be a completely personalised space. If you are artsy, you can load up your home with as much artwork as you wish . As a book lover, you would no longer let your books gather dust in the attic, you’d flaunt them instead.

Another reason the trend won’t fall out of favour is that it is as much about comfort, as it is about glamour. In the hands of the right designer, your home will be transformed beyond your imaginings. So don’t be shy of celebrating a glorious life of excess.

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