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From mere functional spaces meant for making meals kitchens have evolved into a creative space that continually inspires you. Colours, material, fixtures, shapes and sizes contribute equally to render your kitchen a lively and lovely part of your house. So what are the new trends 2018 is ushering us into?

To begin with, monochromatic kitchens are out and polychromatic is in. Mixing and matching colours make today’s trend. Base wall or cabinets, for example, can have dark charcoal while upper cabinets and walls can carry a creamy off-white tone. Marble countertops make another interesting style statement. Minimalist designs are growing popular. “Since the kitchen is a place where families generally congregate why not make it livelier? asks leading interior designers of the world. Kitchens are increasingly wearing dark colours. Customization and convenience take precedence in the kitchen space in 2018.

Another colour to watch out for in 2018 is dark plum. Kitchen cabinets to foyers have started hitting the market already. Appliance garages have become smarter than before too.

Speaking of kitchen cabinetry, islands continue to be popular. What is an island in the kitchen? It is freestanding piece of cabinetry designed to supplement your countertop space. Your kitchen island work as a medium of expression. It can reflect your personality and tastes. Island doesn’t have to be a permanent piece. You can have a freestanding mobile island that gives you more preparation area. Now, it is a given that space availability dictates shape and size of the design. Islands can be sized to the available kitchen space. Now you have intricate kitchen islands that have sinks and cooking surfaces too to them. Elevated stools can be added to the non-cooking preparation side of the island as a dining area supplement. Islands come with storage space too. However, islands without internal storage are available too.

When we speak of changes we are seeing fresher ways of using refined materials in kitchen space than before. That goes for the overall kitchen design as well as elements that go into them. Floors, walls, cabinetry, colours, counterpoints and storage space come in refreshingly new and creative sizes and shapes, dimensions and designs.

A list of new miscellaneous trends

1. Herringbone floors lend your kitchen an air of European refinement. The greyed finish makes the wood look mellow and aged. Contrast it with a soft counterpoint of industrial steel doors and you have a trendy kitchen there.

2. Disappearing vent hoods that blend seamlessly with a subway tiled wall makes another interesting trend today.

3. If you like Statement stoves to be your kitchen focal point, you can have it in fun colours. They hog all the attention and give your kitchen a dash of unique elegance.

4. Speaking of rugs, the handcrafted vintage rugs give a soft texture underfoot when you cook in the kitchen. Besides, it adds to the pattern and colour you give your kitchen.

5. Open display islands allow you to display a few select items on open shelves. It makes the kitchen look more like a living room.

6. Two-tone cabinetry with white uppers has been around for some time now. However, this style goes a level higher with a combo of different materials. For example, combining white cabinetry with a walnut drawer and panelling creates an awesome dimension, texture and feel to your kitchen.

7. Think of pale grey painted pantry cabinets and storage space with a ready-made freestanding pantry. There you have a hep pantry wall.

8. Open-plan kitchen is another great style to go with. Particularly, if you like a little privacy where you can hide your dirty pots and pans after a dinner. The design termed broken plan is a simple design with a freestanding shelf unit and a raised breakfast bar that creates a separation instead of a full-on wall.

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